Who Are We?

The X-Team formed back at the end of 2005. Frank and Bernd both had already conducted some DXpedition style activities (Frank more seriously when traveling with DL9AN (sk) to Southern Italy, Greece, Poland and Sweden, Bernd more or less holiday style). Since they knew one another also from personal meetings and noticed they had similar mind sets on many things they discussed why not going together to interesting places to give wanted DXCCs and squares to the ham friends.

Hence, in April 2006 they ran their first activity from the Southern part of Italy in the rare locator square JM79. Then everything was focussed on meteor scatter only but even though, a first eme contact was made with ES6RQ with just a single 9 elements TONNA and 300 watts out available at the Italian end of the QSO. From then on their DXpeditions were all mainly focussed on moon bounce.

From left: MU/DH7FB and MU/DF2ZC (2008)

Our Own Websites

http://www.df2zc.de http://www.dh7fb.de